Updates: Sex and Beer

Two quick updates on some of my recent posts–

First up:

I recently posted commentary on Stella Artois’s print ad campaign, featuring the slogan, “She is a thing of beauty.” Since then, Stella Artois launched their TV commercial campaign.

The ad, directed by Wes Anderson, is both clever and appealing. Still, my objection to the print campaign holds true in the televised version.

Here, there is an interesting conflation of all the subjects—the gadgets, the beer, and the woman. Only the man is exempt.

But the end of the ad is what’s making me grind my teeth.

As the gadgetry gets out of control, the woman is literally consumed by the couch. When the man comes back, he finds his girlfriend replaced with his beer. (Unfortunately, he seems pretty happy about that). Their quick cut to the slogan, “She is a thing of beauty,” again fuses the beer and the woman (the beer even seems to win out here).


I also wrote a post arguing that a female Viagra could negatively impact women’s sexuality and mental health. Some of the reasons I cited, as well as a number of others, are outlined in this excellent interview with the author of Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals, also summarized here.


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